The Pinnacle Difference

What are you limited in doing that normally would bring you fulfillment and joy? Is it hiking Pinnacle Mountain? Is it lifting up your grand kids? Is it running or playing golf?

Are you uncertain of what to do, do you not know what medical provider to go see, are you scared that your pain or limitation could get worse?

With Pinnacle Physical Therapy, you avoid:

  • Medication

  • Surgery 

  • Injections

  • Long wait times in your doctors office with short, unfulfilling interactions! 

Not sure if physical therapy is right for your specific situation?

We offer a FREE 20 minute discovery visit with Dr. Murphy. If you are not appropriate for our care, Dr. Murphy can help make the appropriate referral to save you time and money!

To schedule, click this link -—-> Contact or call/text 501-529-2010

The Pillars of Pinnacle Physical Therapy’s Success

  • Analyzing your movement and your lifestyle to help determine how your impairments are contributing to your pain or limitations.

  • Educating you to help you understand your plan of care so that we can work together to help you reach your goals.

  • Empowering you by showing you positive changes in our sessions. I then present you a video-based home exercise program of what you need to do on your own to continue those changes toward your end goal.


Call or text today for your free discovery visit in person or on the phone!

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