Pinnacle Physical Therapy Philosophy and Approach

Consumers of health care are demanding great outcomes, low costs, time efficient care that is very customer service oriented. These are the pillars that Pinnacle Physical Therapy stands upon. 

Advanced care at Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Little Rock

- 1:1 time with a residency trained and board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

- Cost savings by seeing me for fewer visits and understanding what is causing your problem, not just treating your symptoms.

- Unparalleled access to me through phone, text, e-mail (and I actually respond to you in a timely manner!)

- An advanced physical therapy program that you can use to treat yourself at home. 


Pinnacle Physical Therapy Three Pillars


1. Analyze

My background in physical therapy, athletic training, and performance enhancement helps me to find the impairments in your movement patterns. This allows me to find the root cause of your issues. 

2. Educate

An educated patient is one who takes ownership of their impairments. At Pinnacle Physical Therapy we utilize a variety of methods to help our patients understand their situation. We are also very transparent in letting you know how long it will take for you to get better as well as how much it is going to cost you.



3. Empower

At Pinnacle Physical Therapy we empower our patients by giving them the tools they need to heal themselves. The goal is for you to know what you need to do to help yourself reach your goals in the shortest amount of visits possible. 

Our health care system is changing. Patient's have lots of choices about who they go see when they are in pain. With rising deductibles, high co-pays, and co-insurance people are having to make choices that can be very costly to them.

Choose the advanced physical therapy at Pinnacle PT and I promise that we will embark on a journey that is free of pain and limitation in doing the activities that you love!