At Pinnacle we focus on providing the highest quality one on one orthopedic physical therapy with a residency trained and board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. Along with advanced physical therapy for the whole person from your jaw down to your toes, we have special training in golf health through the Titleist Performance Institute. Feel free to check out our programs below to see how we can help you reach your Pinnacle!

Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy? As an orthopedic physical therapist my job is to determine what are the body impairments that are causing your pain or limitation. I look holistically at your body to determine the reason your are having pain. I find the cause of your pain and then I educate and empower you to help you reach your goals.  

Home/Office Visits

Don't let pain limit your life. 

Let us come to you!

  • Use your time in the ways that bring you joy!

  • Be seen by an orthopedic clinical specialist (fewer visits to reach your goals)

  • No more waiting at your doctors office!

  • Ability to analyze how your daily activities may be effecting your discomfort.

  • A level of service that is unprecedented in health care.

Golf Health Program

What is golf health? Golf is a sport that requires the human body to have strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and stability. If you are lacking these qualities in your body you are at a higher risk for developing pain and limitation. Would you talk to your banker about a toothache? Why would you talk to someone who does not understand the biomechanics of the golf swing to figure out why you are having pain. We can also improve your performance by ensuring your golf body is firing on all cylinders.